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Bible Study: Word Of Faith

The Lord tells you that you should speak words of faith over the natural situations in your life.  Mark 11:14 is  an example in the Bible for this.  Jesus spoke to the fruitless fig tree and said, ” May no one ever eat your fruit again.”  This is exactly what happened to the tree.  Jesus told the disciples that they should operate the same way.  He said that whosoever will speak believing his words come to pass will have whatever he says.

You have the spirit of faith, and the spirit of faith has two parts, believing and speaking.  You must get the Word of God into your soul.  As you faithfully seek Him, the spirit of faith will continue to rise within you.  And whatever is in you, you tend to talk about.  Speaking the Word of God sets you on the path of prosperity and success and to be a tremendous power for good.

Meditate on the scriptures and fill your soul with the word, that when you are faced with a  need, the first words that come out of your mouth are words of faith.  Your words put spiritual laws in motion.  Whether you are speaking words of faith or words of fear and unbelief, those laws will either work for you or against you.

It is not enough to just know about the word of faith, but you have to speak the word.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  You must have a working knowledge of the Word of God.  In order to change anything in your life, you must give voice to God’s Word.  You must get the word in your mouth, speak the Word of God over the situations and the circumstances in your life.  Romans 10:8 says, But what does it say? The WORD IS NEAR YOU, in your mouth and in your heart- that is the word of faith which we are preaching.

Words are like the piercing of swords.  You set on fire the course of nature by what you speak because hell acts on your words.  Every negative word that you speak sets hell into activity.  Joshua 1:8 says, This book of law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have success.  Speaking God’s word can make you successful in every area of your life.

Faith is a connector.  It connects you to what God has already provided for you.  It comes by constant, diligent, prayerful study and feeding on God’s word.  Once you receive faith, you have to keep meditating on the Word, constantly filling yourself.  The faith inside you is ready to move your mountains.  You move mountains by speaking words of victory not fear.

How does the word of faith apply?  When you ask God for something, believe that you have if from the moment you ask.  That is called receiving.  One you ask, start thanking Him for it.  That doesn’t mean that you are going to receive what you are asking for right away in the natural.  But in the Spirit realm you have already received it.  Keep saying that what you have asked for is yours and do not waver.

It may sound simple, but to truly believe that what you say is going to happen, you must have confidence in the power of God’s Word and your words.  You must realize that what you say in life,  whether good or bad will come to pass.  Do not talk sickness, poverty and defeat over your life.  Train yourself to talk according to the Word of God.

Don’t beg God in your prayers for health or prosperity, declare that you have health, life, wealth, prosperity or anything else you are contending for by the Blood of Jesus.  Use the force of faith, combined with the power of your words to speak to your situation and trust God to move on your behalf.

Find verses in the Bible that speak to the situations you are in and speak them over yourself. God’s Word is very powerful and effective.  God isn’t into formulas and systems as much as He is into relationships and transformations.  He is looking to have a very deep and intimate relationship with you.

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